Live Sellers, What’s Your Greatest Fear?

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"I used to be scared of Live Selling till I started using this one thing"

Fear. 😱 Whether it is fear of missing out (FOMO) or fear of missing an important object or person can deeply affect our quality of life. But to marketers - the fear of missing a potential customer's enquiry is a potent one that can mean either eating bread for the month or eating a full meal daily. To marketers, unattended customers = no sales. And we all know customer satisfaction can make or break a business. Did you know? Unattended customers would drop orders in a matter of seconds, forgoing checkout and you will probably never see them again.

But what if that fear is now history?

If you do decide to go ahead and soldier on while managing stress and fear, you realised with so much investment (time and money) you’re not getting the returns you’d hoped. 😧 Even more so when you have to spend days to take keep track of live orders. And then you thought, maybe it is better to pre-record videos/reels and capture sales that way - that should give you more flexibility right? But you start to realise you may be overselling and scramble to call your suppliers.

And then you realised you can’t cope with this all alone, so you spend even more money hiring more people. Stretch thin as you are, training them is a whole other concern altogether. You then start searching for platforms online to help you. However, there isn’t one you’ve stuck with because of its complexities and steep learning curve. You still found yourself wanting. Perhaps a slow customer support. You may even have been slapped with hidden charges.

Amid all this chaos, customers are still waiting and may have already completed their payment. Worst-case scenario, you’re reported as a SCAMMER! And all your efforts into starting and growing your business will go down the drain.

What if we tell you, this need not be the end of your story? Trust us, we’ve gone through all your pains and we are TIRED. That is why, we - a dedicated team of professional marketers - have come up with ULive. Through ULive, we want to erase all the barriers to your selling journey.

We want to say, “Hey, it’s not NORMAL to spend days just tracking sales manually.”

ULive is used by more than 500+ companies and LIVE marketers across SEA. Why not give it a try to see how you can potentially use this to drive business success and help you grow your business at the lowest possible cost to you. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Save yourself the anxiety, time, and money!

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